Today is a bittersweet day and no mistake. May 7th 2020 was to mark the first time that an act we represent took to the stage of a bluegrass festival. An overseas bluegrass festival. While to some it may have read as just another gig on a flyer, to us it was to be a landmark occasion, the culmination of so much hard work and, most importantly, a sign that we’re moving in the right direction on this crusade of ours to help further the bluegrass sound not just here at home in Ireland but also further afield. Of course, we all know why that is now not happening. Why the world is in a state of quiescence. Why we’re all on lockdown, at home tending to years-old to-do lists and wondering if and when we will ever return to some semblance of normality (yes, please, and as soon as possible, if you don’t mind).

Our Stay Strong t-shirt and the ruin of the 10th century Norman-era Black Castle overlooking the Irish Sea in Wicklow Town, Ireland. May 7, 2020.

Instead today, May 7th 2020, we took delivery of our Stay Strong t-shirt from the Sideline posse across the Atlantic (thanks, guys). It only took just shy of three weeks to get here, an inordinate amount of time given the distance and postage paid. We guess there’s no hurry on much of anything, even things we normally take for granted, during these testing times. Maybe it was waiting, waiting for this day in particular to land on our doorstep just to, you know, provide a little pick-me-up.

While we’re waiting this out, we’ve plenty of time to speculate as to Where this will all end. #Livemusic will rebound, good live music especially; there will always be an audience for that. But when? And will people want to congregate to revel in it as they have done in the past?



Although only time will tell.

We’ll Stay Strong in the meantime.

Here’s hoping you do too.

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