Bluegrass music expresses togetherness. Through the joy and the excitement of this music we hear what it feels like to share values, meaning and a history, to be part of something that matters - to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

- Reproduced from a display in the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Owensboro, KY


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POST EXCERPT || “I first picked (no pun intended) up a copy of IBMA Hall of Fame inductee Neil V. Rosenberg’s seminal Bluegrass – A History in the gift shop of Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum during the summer of 2003... Winner of the Country Music People Critics’ Choice Award for Favorite Country Book of the Year and of the International Bluegrass Music Association Certificate of Merit, I’ve read the book a few times in the almost two decades since. It warrants a few reads.” >>> MORE

Bluegrass is a wonderful music. I'm glad I originated it.

- Bill Monroe


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I hope the team will be recognized in some manner by the International Bluegrass Music Association. They are working very hard to fulfill the first letter of the IBMA acronym in their home base in Ireland. They are taking bluegrass to an international level by hosting many shows and respecting the roots of our music. A wonderful organization.

- David Pendley, mandolinist with The Kristy Cox Band


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Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum

"It is a rather convenient forty miles from the birthplace of bluegrass — the brilliantly restored Bill Monroe Homeplace in the hills over Rosine, KY — to Owensboro, KY. For a straight up bluegrass pilgrimage, the latter doesn’t quite hold the weight, nor the aura, of the former. That said, Owensboro’s (new) Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum, the city’s awesome one-of-a-kind showcase of all things bluegrass, should not be missed. The only museum of its kind in the world is, not surprisingly, dedicated to telling the story of the relatively short history of the bluegrass genre, the instruments at the core of its unique sound, and the gifted musicians who have brought the music to life and shaped it down through the years."

The Station Inn

"It’s simple. It’s small. It’s unassuming, both inside and out. But the dark and intimate listening room that is Nashville’s Station Inn is the Music City bluegrass mecca. Located in the trendy and hip Gulch district of the city, this first-come, first-served cash-on-the-door-only venue has been ‘Forever Bluegrass’ since its opening in 1974. Legends have performed here. Ground-breaking and award-winning bands have been formed through relationships forged here. And for artists, many of whom view it as the nation’s hub of live bluegrass music, it’s both a career highlight and honour to perform here."


"We had a few nights of gallivanting around Nashville, time enough to find some real country music and bluegrass. Both are here. You just need to know where to look (and to avoid Lower Broadway). We found and enjoyed happy helpings of both courtesy of Opryland's Nashville Palace, a mere drunken stagger from our room in the Fiddler’s Inn and Nashville’s self-titled ‘Home of Traditional Country Music’, and the simple but intimate setting of The Station Inn, famously ‘Forever Bluegrass’ since 1974. In between we paid a visit to the studios of Sirius XM's Bluegrass Junction and 650AM WSM, not to mention a visit to both Oprys, the old (the venerated Ryman Auditorium) and the new (Opryland's Grand Ole Opry House)."

The bluegrass community... can be very strict. I didn't know if I'd be welcomed into the bluegrass community or not, but I think they judge you very fairly... I felt really welcome.

- Steve Martin


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Bluegrass has brought more people together & made more friends than any music in the world.

- Bill Monroe


Featured Image - March 2021 | Rhonda Vincent & The Rage. Bluegrass Island Festival 2017, Outer Banks, NC. (click on image to enter the Gallery)

Great music is great music, period.

- Ricky Skaggs

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